Import Sensor Data File

In this chapter we are going to import our sensor data file and create few Graphs. 

If you have data from another datalogger then Campbell SCI you need to take close look at step number 1 regarding the VDV File Converter.

Open db.robot.c (c:/Vista Data Vision/db.robot.c/db.robot.c.exe)

VDV File Converter | If you have a data file not from Campbell SCI dataloggers

The VDV File Converter opens doors to import data from almost any source storing data in delimited text file. This includes data from most data logging systems, data from spreadsheet origin and data found in manually maintained data sheets. 

The VDV File Converter also supports data forwarded from remote dataloggers via FTP transmissions.

VDV File Converter will continuously monitor the selected data files and convert new data to a vdv compatible file.

The VDV File Converter allows you to convert both a single data file or a folder of incremental data files (commonly found when data loggers use ftp to send data).

Go to Edit menu and click Add Site. Locate the File, name it and click next.

Click Select File and locate your .dat file. Give the new Site a Name and an Owner. With Owner you can filter your data files later.

Click Next

Here is a list of all parameters in the Data File. If needed give each parameter a Alias Name.

Click the Select button to select a unit for each parameter. If you have many parameters with the same unit click Select Units Quickly at the bottom. There you can select multiple parameters by holding down ctrl button or using shift.

Click Next.

Finally we have an overview for the Station we are about to import. 

Review the configuration and click Finish

Click Next.