How To Successfully Backup And Restore VDV

Almost everybody has had a computer problem which causes all kinds of problems. Keep an eye on the server on a regular basis and update hardware before it breaks down is a good practice. Also have the hard disk raided either as a hardware raid or software raid. These steps will minimize the risk of server problems. Sometimes however the server breaks down and it is needed to restore Vista Data Vision as soon as possible. Here is a guide what should be backed up and how to go on with restoring VDV.


  1. Backing Vista Data Vision

    We recommend to backup Vista Data Vision at least once per day. There are two folders that are needed to successfully restore VDV later on.
    The database for VDV 2014 and newer versions
    \Vista Data Vision\db.robot.c\data\mysql-5.6\data\vistavision_db
    The database for older versions of VDV
    \Vista Data Vision\db.robot.c\data\mysql\data\vistavision_db
    VDV Web folder
    \Vista Data Vision\db.web.browser\vdv_www
  2. Backing VDV File Converter

    If using VDV File Converter it is important to include it in the backup process.
    Easiest way is to simply backup the whole VDV File Converter folde
  3. Restore VDV on a new server

    Contact us to receive VDV Install file for your version if you do not already have it
    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
    Move VDV to new server and activate
  4. Install VDV on the new server (same version as before)
  • On the new server rename all the folders below (e.g. adding OLD to the file name).
    /Vista data Vision/db.robot.c/data/mysql-5.6/data/vistavision_db  (for VDV2014 and newer versions)
    /Vista data Vision/db.robot.c/data/mysql/data/vistavision_db  (for VDV2013 and older versions)
    /Vista data Vision/db.web.browser/vdv_www/Images/logos
    /Vista data Vision/db.web.browser/vdv_www/Images/maps
    /Vista data Vision/db.web.browser/vdv_www/Images/notes
    /Vista data Vision/db.web.browser/vdv_www/Images/site_info_images
    /Vista data Vision/db.web.browser/vdv_www/Images/webcam
  • Copy the folders from old server to the name server. Placing them in the same location as on the old server.
  • Start VDV on the new server and register db.robot.c, and db.web.browser.
  • You should see the same data and configurations as on the old server.