File Format

To Access: Data Source -> File Format

For each data file that is imported into VDV there needs to be a File Format that matches the data file format. Using the File Format editor VDV can import almost any kind of delimited text based data file.

Before creating a new File Format it is a good practice to open the data file to be added in a Text Editor (Notepad++ for example) to better understand how the data file is configured.

Click the  button in top-right corner to create a new File Format.

  1. Name: Identify the File Format with a descriptive name
  2. File Type: The file ending (typically csv or txt)
  3. Delimiter: Choose the correct Delimiter as in the file
  4. Decimal Point: Choose the correct Decimal point
  5. Owner: Choose which Owner the File Format belongs to. This is used so Users with access to specific Owner can only see File Formats that are connected to their Owners. If the File Format should be visible to all users then select the Fixed checkbox below.
  6. Header Line: If the file includes a header line with variable name then select Yes. 
  7. Header Line Number: Select in which line the Header Line is located.
  8. Timestamp can be in one or more columns. Add columns as needed and type in the format of the Timestamp.