Data Update Setup

To access: Menu > Setup > Data Update

The Data Update Setup function will indicate if there is any problem with data collection or data file storage. If data file is not being updated it could indicate problem with the datalogger, the communication link, the data collection application, the name of the file or a disk drive.

For each dat file being monitored by db.robot.c, Alarms can be set to monitor the age of its latest data. If dat file does not get updated in time with db.robot.c Alarms will send an update notification email and/or SMS to a group of recipients.

  • Filter easily filters the sites. It is possible to write the name of a site, part of a name or unit. Filter searches in all columns.
  • The overflow menubutton changes all the boxes at the same time. If there is a Filter on, this button only changes the sites that are Filtered.

When clicking on the Editbutton at the end of each site it is possible to configure each site individually: