Customize Layout

With Vista Data Vision it is simple to customize the layout. 

You can change the login page and add your text and header. Once logged in you can change the Logo that appears in the top-left corner to your company logo.

Login Page of the VDV web service should represent the VDV operator and is the front end to all data. Therefore, it may be important to the VDV operator to customize the Login Page to reflect his company and service, and to give message to his clients. 

The Login Page Setup is an editor that will allow easy editing of the Login Page without any programming.

The Login Page Editor is a simple tool to make simple modifications on the VDV Web Login Page. 

The Image can be changed as well as the text and color scheme of the page.

Login Page Tab

Shows how the Login Page looks like. To edit the Login Page select the Configure tab

The Login Page Tab, displays the Login Page

Configure Tab

First time the Configure tab is opened it displays the default Login Page settings. Here some simple changes can be made to the Login Page. 

The Image can be changed and the page text and color scheme can be changed. If some modifications have been made to the page they can be viewed by selecting the Login Page tab. 

To change back to the default page click on the Set to Default Values and Use Default Logo buttons.

To Change the image, text and color scheme click the Configure Tab.

Changing the Logo: Click the Folder icon after the Select New Logo input field and browse to where the image is located. Select the image and click Select. This image will be displayed at the top of the page.

The Default Logo is 580 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.

NOTE: Only jpeg, jpg, gif and png image formats are supported.

Changing the text: Possible is to change the text on the Login Page. Simply write a new text into the Input field for each text string. Change or Add text into the Description box. Possible is to use HTML code.

Changing the color: The Background color of the Login Page and Description Box can be modified. To change the color click the appropriate color box. A color pallet will be displayed, new color is chosen and it changes right away.

Move the mouse over a color box and click it, then a color pallet will be displayed

View our changes be clicking the Login Page tab.

When all the changes are made, click Save in the bottom right corner. Open a browser to where the VDV is located and press the Refresh button or F5.

Push the "Cancel" button to close the Login Page Editor.

NOTE: The login page can be modified at will. However according to the Vista Data Vision license agreement the following two lines of text must always be present on the login web page.