Set up new Datalogger

Go to Data Source -> CSI and click  in top right corner.

Type in username, password, IP and Port for the datalogger. Click Connect.

  • Give the Datalogger a name
  • choose which tables to collect
  • How often to collect data from the datalogger
  • Chose the owner of the Site

Create CSI Command

Click  in top right corner when in Data Source CSI.

click  in top right corner to create a new Command.

  • Give the Command a Name
  • Choose which CSI datalogger the Command is for
  • Choose a data table in the datalogger (typically a specific constant table)
  • Choose which variable to modify
  • Chose Boolean, Numeric or List and Command Type
  • Click Save

Send Commands

Click the  on the right hand side to send that specific command.

Change the Value and click Send. Users need to type in their password to confirm the Command.