Creating SAA Graphs in VDV

  1. Follow the Measurand directions to convert the RAW SAA data to VDV compatible format.
  2. Set um Task in Task Master that automatically converts the data after each successful call to the logger.
  3. Import the compatible file to VDV.
  4. Set up SAA graphs using Quick View Setup:
    a) Go to Configure > Quick View Setup
    b) Configure the site to SAA using the downtown to the right.
    c) Select the Unit, Orientation, Scale and Baseline.
    d) Detect the X, Y and Z axis. Using the DIY format the X and Y axis are indicated with _dX_ and _dY_. To detect those axis click on Auto Detect with the default settings _*_ and the Z axis will be detected. Next update the field to _d*_ and click on Auto Detect and the X and Y axis will be detected.
    e) Set the Position and Initial value (For example Position = 0.5 (for 0.5m) and initial value is 0) and then click Update.
    f) Scroll down and click Update.
  5. To view the graphs go either to Main Functions > Quick View or Main Functions > Displacement Graph.
  6. NOTE: When creating Displacement Graphs using Quick View Setup two Displacement Graphs are created for X and Y axis. For further configurations it is possible to go to Configurations > Displacement Graph and edit those graphs. Alarms, labels etc.