Create Plots in Historical Data

The Graphs in Historical Data are great for displaying a long time periods and large amounts of data.

  • To categorize the data you can create any number of Pages.
  • Each page can contain 1-6 Graphs.
  • Each Graph can contain 1-5 Variables.

Go to Setup > Historical Data

Select the Site to connect the Graph to. Click +New underneath the Pages box to create a new page. 

Click +New underneath the Graphs box to create a new Graph.


  1. Give the Graph a name.
  2. Add Variables to the graph (possible to select Variables from different Sites)
  3. In the RED box below are settings for each variable in the graph. This include Line Color, Line Width, Left or Right Axis and show alarm limit.
  4. In the ORANGE box below are global settings for the graph. Here we have Y-Axis left with Manual scale with Lower limit = 6 and upper limit = 7.


For the Variable we have selected here Width = 3 and Fill = Zero. Meaning it will fill everything below our line with our Fill Color (Orange).


Go to Main Functions -> Historical Data to view the newly created graphs.