Connection To Db.Web.Browser Was Interrupted.Server Does Not Reply. Please Try Later.

  1. Most of the time when this message appears Vista Data Vision was recently moved between servers/computers without being properly shut down first.

    To properly shut down Vista Data Vision users need to stop running the system as service through db.robot.c and db.web.browser (not Task Manager), shut down each application and end the mysqld.exe (database) process in Task Manager.

    When the system is moved to a new machine without turning the service off the service check mark is checked but the command to have VDV running as service on the new machine is not transmitted as well.

  2. On rare occasions it can happen that one of the services simply stops and the same error message appears. To check on the services simply go to Task Manager > More Details > Services Tab and locate vdv_db.web.browser and vdv_db.robot.c:

Solution for both cases is to restart the services. Run each application (db.robot.c and db.web.browser) as administrator go to File > Run as Service and uncheck the Run as Service check mark.

Run both application again as administrator and check the Run as Service check box again. Go to Task Manager > More Details > Services and make sure that both applications are running as service by locating vdv_db.web.browser and vdv_db.robot.c:

Next open up the Web Interface and make sure that the Historical data graphs are displaying. If this does not work properly after those configurations contact Vista Data Vision support with detailed description of the problem among with product details.