Configure Historical Data

To Access: Setup -> Historical Data

Data is categorised into Sites and Pages where each Site can contain multiple pages. Its possible think of Site as a project and data for that project is categorised into couple of pages. With this way it is easy to find correct data.

First is a list of all Sites user has access to and represent all data files he has in the system. Add a new Page to the Site and then Graph to that page.

Note: Recommended is that users create new Site (Virtual Site) ifthey have multiple data file in one project and they want to access all data from single Site.

When creating a new graph users can add variables from different Sites to the same graph. Layout of each variable on the graph can be configured and the whole graph as well. Up to 50 variables can be added to the same graph.

  1. This box contains options that applies to each variable. Click on each variable to configure this. Change the color of the plot and select which Y-Axis the variable should use. Note: Show Alarm Limit will show Yellow and Red lines on the graphs as the Alarm Setup is configured for that variable. Only one variable on each graph can have this active.

  2. General configurations for the graph in general. Select Manual or Auto scale on Y-axis and Axis label.