Configure Email to SMS

This article explains how to configure local VDV systems to send alarms as text messages using Email-to-SMS service. Once these steps have been performed then users can add phone number in contact setup which will be used when sending alarms.

The help is written for Textmagic service but other services that support email to sms processing will work the same.
VDV will use the contact telephone number and send an email to:
with the alarm message as the email body. The email will then be sent as a Text Message to the contact telephone number.

  1. Sign up for account

  2. Go to Services > Email to SMS and click Add allowed emails.
    This should be the Return Address configure in Mail server setup in db.robot.c

  3. Log into VDV as an admin and go to Setup > System Settings. 
  4. Expand the Text Messages option and Activate it
    Number Prefix: If all of the SMS are sent to the same country then add a number prefix. If the numbers are in different countries then leave it blank and add the Country code for each Contacts number in the contact setup.
    Provider: Type

  5. Click the icon to send a test SMS