Categorize Sites In VDV

When working with multiple data files from different projects it can be hard to have everything organized. Here are few techniques that we use with db.robot.c and when creating Sites and Pages to keep everything in place. 

Note 1: Sites (data files) that do not have any graph assigned to it will not appear in the Site list.

 Note 2: Make sure to give user access to the new Virtual Site and also all the Project Sites. The Project Sites will not appear in the Site list as they have no graphs. However the user need to have access to them in order to be able to download the raw data (Information--> Download data).


  1. When importing new data file into db.robot.c we always add either the Project name or Client name in front of the file name. This way all projects/clients are grouped together in db.robot.c and easier to find.
    All client/project sites in the same location in db.robot.c by using Client name in front of the file name.
  2. All data is categorized in Sites and Pages where each site can contain multiple pages. Each data file imported into db.robot.c is a separate site in the database.If a project has multiple data files at is easier to create a Virtual Site and then multiple Pages underneath that site. That way the project takes less space in the Site list and fewer mouse clicks are needed to navigate through the data.

    Here we have a project with 2 stations and 4 data files in total. We created pages and plots for each site. This works fine but takes a lot of space in the Site list especially if there are more projects in the database.

    Project has 4 data files and each has page and graphs. Not ideal as it takes space in the Site table.
  3. Let’s create a Virtual Site for the project and group all the pages under a single Site.

    Go to Page Setup in and create a new Site. This is a Virtual Site and is indicated with a diamond in front of the name. Add multiple pages and graphs to this Virtual Site.
    Virtual Site indicated with a diamond in front. Create any number of Pages under the Virtual Site
    After the changes this project takes less space and is easier to navigate through the data.