Analysis is a feature to do quick calculations on data.

Analysis can calculate the following:

  • Cross correlation
  • Regression
  • Statistics

The user selects 2 or more variables to analyze and then selects the time period.

Click the + button to open up the variable selector and select the variables you want to display.

Use Start & Stop to select the time period to analyze or use the predefined time periods to change the starting and ending dates.

On the right hand side switch between the 3 different options of Cross Correlation, Regression & Statistics.

Cross correlation.

Clicking this option will display a cross correlation table for the variables selected (maximum of 5 variables).

  • Each table cell represents the correlation between a pair of variables.
  • Clicking on any of the cells will open up the regression component for the selected variable pair.

Best fit 
Calculates the correlation between all variables within the time shift period option selected and displays the best fit value for each variable pair.


The regression option will display a scatter plot for two variables, then calculate and display a regression line.

You can easily switch between variables by navigating the X & Y Variable drop down lists on the right hand side.

Time shift

  • Shift the time period of the X variable.
  • The values represent time periods. For example, if a variable period is 10 minutes, then clicking the -5 option will shift the data -50 minutes.

Best fit
Selecting any of the options will automatically calculate the best fit correlation within the period selected.


The statistics option will display various statistics for each variable for the selected time period.