Alarms in VDV are a very powerful feature that will simplify the operation of a network of dataloggers. 

Alarms have twofold purpose:

  • VDV will monitor all new data entered into the database and send out alarms as email and/or SMS Text Message if a value of a variable cross pre-defined limits.
  • VDV will send out an Alarm if data is not being updated on a regular basis. E.g. VDV will send out an Alarm if no new data has arrived for the last 6 hours indicating some communication error between the station and server.

Alarms are configured in db.robot.c under Edit menu » Alarm Site Setup

Data Update Monitoring is configured in db.robot.c under Edit menu » Data Update Monitor.

Read the Help File for more Information on how to configure the Alarms (Help File » Toolkits » Alarm Toolkit)